April 16, 2021
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The surprise TV hit of 2018, is YouTube’s Karate Kid spinoff Cobra Kai. It’s impressive social media fan base and 100% fresh rotten tomatoes score has translated into huge ratings for Youtube’s first original series.  Yielding at least 5 million views each episode so far, Cobra Kai would be a powerhouse for any TV network. Even beating the likes of most Netflix series, including the much hyped big budgeted Lost in Space.

Cobra Kai isn’t technically a spinoff it’s more a continuation of the story from the movies much like ABC’s hit Roseanne. With numbers and early award winning buzz, Cobra Kai could help fund, Youtube’s ambitious TV dreams of beating Hulu and Netflix. It’s already done that with one show, let’s see what else it has in store for the future. For now though, Karate Kid fans can find piece of mind. The show is a success and it will enjoy long life.


John J. Falco