WTF?? Netflix Cancels Late Night in Favor of Ads
Posted by John J. Falco on 18th August 2018

Is it time to cancel Netflix? Netflix has made two major changes to its content offerings that has received criticism around the industry and outrage from their loyal consumers.

The Weekly Late Night Mess:

Certainly the shocking end to their much promoted The Break with Michelle Wolf, has liberals up in arms some wondering is Netflix searching for a right wing talk show host? The internet channel claims Wolf didn’t bring the ratings, they had hoped. According to reports the cast, crew, and host learned of the cancellation, where else but twitter. Also ending is The Joel McHale Show, with Joel McHale. Netflix seems to favor the funny man over the controversial WHCD host.  McHale is still employed by the network. The move has also received criticism from feminists which leaves Samantha Bee as the leading woman on the late night circuit.

This is shocking to me! Not that I watched the shows, or anything, but I thought Netflix really wanted to get into the late night biz. They are still going to attempt it with a few other shows next fall. Yet, they have literally every stand-up comedian on the planet. So why did this fail? It failed because of their weekly shows. They will probably stick to binging format now, as the weekly shows don’t really work online. When you can watch Wolf whenever you want even if it’s released weekly, the material gets old pretty quickly in the late night format, I guess.

Millennials Continue to Question if Cord Cutting is Worth All the Ads:

Yet that will continue to come at a cost. It was reported yesterday that next week, Netflix will be rolling out ads for other shows during your binge-watching. That’s right, while the age of uninterrupted binging has been over for sometime, Netflix will soon make itself indistinguishable from other streaming services. I cut the cord for about three months before I became annoyed by the unskippable ads. The constant changing of how cloud DVRs supposedly work did not help either. I went back to cable, and couldn’t be happier. Is Netflix about to shit all over themselves? It may not yet be time to cancel Netflix all together, but even their most loyal customers are keeping an eye on bailing.