January 20, 2021
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Billions seems to be going a billion different directions ever since Season 1’s epic showdown between main characters Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Bobby Axelrod and U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhoades concluded in a fiery debate about wealth and politics, and I sort of like it!

ShowTime has a habit of evolving shows way past their original storyline into one mini story archs each season. They did the same with Homeland and they are doing the same with The Circus, so why not do the same for Billions? Billions seemed to be a standalone limited series when it was first released; a self contained story that involved two big dicks, and kinky sex!

Season 2 has the makings of laying the groundwork for the show to be the next big thing since Breaking Bad, and that’s saying something because it’s already inching closer and closer on my top ten list. Even though, the series may be just finding it’s feet as it grapples with what to do next in the world of high finance and NYC politics, one has to wonder… What is next?

Let’s take a look at the breadcrumbs that Billions has left in Season 2, for us to ponder where Axe’s story might possibly go and how it could and should have storylines ripped from the headlines!

In Episode 4 of Season 2, Bobby Axelrod deals with the fact that he might not get to bid on that football team he had his eye on. Lots of internal politics were involved behind the scenes, but as Billionaire Mark Cuban told him, it was his brash image that cost him in the end. Wait, back up, Mark Cuban you say? Yes, Bobby Axelrod sat down for a meal with the real Mark Cuban on the show! This may not seem all that shocking since Mark Cuban is all over TV nowadays, but it echoes what the Billions team did in Season 1 where Axe and his friends took an impromptu trip to a Metallica concert and got to jam with the real guys from Metallica. That episode was also Episode 4 of that season. See what they did there?

I say if Billions keep these cameos going, the eyeballs will follow. Much like Entourage did before it with the entertainment industry, and Ballers is doing now on HBO with the sports industry. People like to watch public figures, TMZ figured this out years ago!

The creative team behind Billions are clearly thinking along these terms because in response to President Trump firing US Attorney Preet Bharara after he refused to resign after Trump fired 46 US Attorneys, they reached out to him and asked him to cameo. The show just happens to be inspired by his battles with hedge fund managers.

That leaves to the titular question, who else should cameo on the show? Hillary Clinton, Michael Bloomberg, Sean Parker, Rupert Murdoch? These are all good choices and all very powerful people who live in NYC!

But it also brings up the big elephant in the room. A direction that Billions almost needs to go to remain relevant in the age of Trump. Will Bobby Axelrod a brash NYC Billionaire eventually run for President? The parallels between his attitude and another NYC Billionaire Donald Trump are uncanny. If Donald Trump can’t cameo on the show, and there is nothing indicating that he will, Axe’s path to destroy Chuck once and for all ultimately leads to the Presidency!

John J. Falco