October 31, 2020
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Will & Grace is coming back to TV next week, but Hulu is giving fans a week to catch up and binge all the Will & Grace they want.

NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt said in a statement that, “With its witty comebacks, pop-culture references and social commentary, Will & Grace is one of the most binge-able comedies in television history, and I am certain fans both old and new will jump on this opportunity to devour it.”

He could be right. Hulu has quietly but aggressively acquired the rights to most classic TV shows including “Seinfeld,” “M.A.S.H,” “Golden Girls,” and the original “Full House.” It has strong relationships with both Fox and NBC which have let their own streaming video services take a back seat to boost the power of Hulu. With one more iconic TV show under it’s belt, Hulu is setting itself up to be one of the promising video streaming platforms of the future and it could outlast traditional Television altogether.

If traditional television ever crumbles, they have a home on Hulu.

John J. Falco