September 23, 2020
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Comey Testimony Ratings

The only thing Republicans and Democrats agree on is that they hate Comey

Update: James Comey is looking like the anti-Trump Republican savior, Republicans have been searching for. On Sunday, 4/15 he launched a five week media tour for his new book, “A Higher Loyalty,” and is doing all the things that a normal Presidential candidate would do. Book signings, late night, and interviews complete with talking points. Political insiders are frequently calling Trump’s and Comey’s dramatic flair, Axios even called it, “The Comey Show“.

11/2016: As shockwaves rattle through the DC establishment, after hearing that the FBI has decided to re-open the Clinton Email case, due to potentially sensitive information found on the computer of the disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner. I’ll let that sink in for a moment. Many voices continue to condemn FBI Director James Comey for shooting the Clinton Campaign in the foot, and for betraying his normal non-partisan leadership.

Among the head scratching, the calls of him being a traitor and for him to resign from his post. One has to ask, why the heck would he do such a thing? Indeed many in their flailing attempts to explain Comey’s actions have asked that, and while some believe that it’s just a Republican helping Republicans. I think something else may be going on here.

With Trump we have a new brand of politics rising out of the ashes of what was once the Grand Old Party. Trump’s brand of populism turns off many (myself included) who are comfortable with the old world politics. For all intents and purposes the only way this makes sense is as a political move by the Director in a last ditch effort to save the party from itself.

Partisans on each side of the aisle have been nipping at Comey’s heels. He is either in a lose/lose situation. Where if he didn’t say there was an investigation, it would piss people off and as he did say there was an investigation, he has indeed pissed people off. But there is also a win/win here politically speaking.

To me, the only way this Comey thing makes sense is if in fact he launched his 2024 Presidential Campaign on Friday by joining the political circus and potentially handing Trump the win. Pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes Comey has shown everyone what type of politician he could potentially be and based on DC’s reaction to this whole mess, it looks like he could be a pretty powerful figure in the next eight years regardless of who wins, if he plays his cards right.

Say Trump wins, and if he wins, it’s because of this moment right here! The endless and potentially powerful bragging rights would go a long way for the hedge fund exec, turned lawyer, turned Director, to strengthen up the political chops on his resume. If that wasn’t good enough, a potential promotion within a Trump cabinet, say Secretary of Sate, could fuel his entrance into that next partisan battle eight years from now. Do you really think Trump won’t give Comey a high ranking spot in a cabinent that he just so happens to be picking at this very moment?

But what if Trump loses and Clinton STILL wins? Does that mean politics will push Comey out of the job? All may still not be lost then. That would give time for Comey to do something else. Maybe run for Congress? If he resigns in 2017 and runs for Congress in 2018 that will give him enough time to get used to the usual Congressional mudslinging that most candidates have to go through.

But then again, Comey is no usual candidate and there’s the clue! Like Trump, Comey doesn’t have a typical resume, though he has his own impact in many high profile cases. There’s no telling what he might have to do in order to prove that he has got the chops to be President in the future. One thing is clear though, at this moment in time, every single member of the Republican Party is cheering him on. He is no longer a background player on the national level. In fact, the case could be made that Director James Comey and Anthony Weiner are now the two most powerful men in Washington DC.

Before Friday, I thought that it take some 50-odd years before we saw another American Authoritarian tap into what Trump has. Someone with the chops to merge the new party of Trump and the old party of Reagan, but now that political mastermind James Comey has seized the spotlight once more, the big chair is his too lose!

Update: so now that comey has been fired my thoughts on his future haven’t  wavered. The scenario has only changed just a bit. I didn’t foresee that trump would fire comey, but now he has free reign to run for president.

This is pretty rare to happen. Trump either didn’t like how “mean” he was to Hilary which is… Odd or he got too close in his investigation. Neither is a good thing.

John J. Falco