May 23, 2019
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Well that didn’t last long. Roseanne has been cancelled. The TV show that the right wing media hailed as a triumphant new restart to traditional values programming in Hollywood is no longer.

Hollywood is applauding the decision made by ABC Entertainment chief Channing Dungey, who said that her views are not welcome at ABC, but I mean didn’t she know about them before she restarted the show? That’s where we begin with the criticism that ABC is getting from some on the left. They claim that ABC knew exactly what they were getting and at one point ABC only cared about ratings and money not her despicable views.

Roseanne an avid Tweeter, much like her number one fan Donald Trump, often tweets conspiracy theories and alt-right memes. She was a promoter of various now debunked Conspiracy Theories, like Pizzagate and the circumstances surrounding the death of Seth Rich. Nobody likes to assume things, but its safe to say that these views go together with racist ones.

While people continue the what’s-offensive-comedy debate, let’s take a step back and look at what happened today. A celebrity with a twitter account made a racist comment about a former government official who was a black woman. Roseanne then apologized on twitter, and announced that she was leaving the social network. ABC then cancels her show.

There is a stark difference between what ABC did and what NBC did. NBC is still rumored to have tapes of Trump berating women and saying racist things. Both networks enabled and emboldened these views, but only one has consistently stayed silent in the wake of offensive tweets, and that’s NBC, the sole creator of Donald J. Trump. Maybe NBC will revive Roseanne?

It is a shame that Roseanne is so tied to it’s main character. There’s some great actors on the highest rated comedy of 2018, and they don’t deserve to get thrown under the bus with her stupidity. It would be hard to save the TV show without it’s main lead. But maybe we can have a TV sitcom in it’s place called Dan, starring John Goodman???

John J. Falco