March 3, 2021
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In a word, never. There’s a reason fans are calling this new show STD.

Star Trek: Discovery was set to become the first Star Trek show on TV (but not really) in 12 years. Is it slowly becoming a ghost ship? It’s also quite possibly a ghost to an entire fan-made movie that CBS worked very hard to kill. This, as rumors among the fan base suggest that the TV show is dead in the water.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Star Trek and with the killing Disney is making with Star Wars by releasing mediocre films that avoid new concepts and even new technology, I must say that I’m realizing that I like Trek much more than I do Wars. So I don’t want to see this fail.

However, there have now been three significant events in Trek/tech history which would have been great marketing venues for the new show and what has CBS shown us? Absolutely nothing but really shoddy CGI that may or may not have anything to do with the new show!

Those events I spoke of are namely: Comic-Con 2016, Trek 50, and CES 2017. Back at comic-con, this show was tentatively slated to air by now on CBS but all they showed us at the biggest nerdy convention of the year was a crappy ship reveal.

Then when trek turned 50 there was no word about the new show. Just talk of the movies. Everyone knew they messed it up. Then Bryan Fuller left the show

Now that CES 2017 had come and gone. They have a shitty tie in 360 video on YouTube that once again claims to be marketing for Star Trek Discovery. Hey, while we’re at it, let’s call it what the fans usually like to call Trek shows by acronym the damn thing: STD. Yeah, you can’t tell me this bad naming luck is coincidence right? The video below released at CES is nothing more than what looks like rehashed material from a badly made video game. With no footage of Discovery, or the crappy ship from the previous video.

You have some movies that are not going to be released for another full year and they already have clips out! Preliminary research seems to suggest that filming for STD while announced and was apparently supposed to start, has not even started yet. Or at least, I can’t find any evidence that it has.

It doesn’t help things that fans are super pissed off at CBS and Paramount for going out of their way to kill production on a fan film that basically has the same exact plot of this series, with a few tweaks and changes. So while we sit here waiting for a new and improved star trek show to binge-watch, and fans are left wanting Trek to boldly go farther into the future, this trek TV show seems in danger of turning into the Klingon Soap Opera, that nobody asked for. As many fans and I are concerned I highly doubt this will launch by May 2017, if at all.

John J. Falco