June 26, 2019
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The topic of the U.S.S Callister should be the spin-off.

Crazy fandoms gone mad really would be the ultimate Black Mirror spin-off. Not a fake VR game turned into a real show.

Sure I would love to have three Star Trek type TV shows on the air. It would be awesome! However, the true genius in Black Mirror lies in it’s smart effective use of technology themes to highlight the fears in real society.

What hasn’t been done before on Television except in Black Mirror and to a point, The X-Files is crazy. The world of Infinity, is well infinite! It shouldn’t be tied to Star Trek. The Callister, could in essence fly between worlds and explore the craziness of the internet. Much like characters from Westworld or the Lego Movie do. A starship is a great vehicle in which to get around the cloud server full of fandoms.

Sure, it will all take place in the game universe, and there will be theories about that of course, but to explore the far corners of the internet in this way would be something really cool. Unlike the Emoji movie, the Black Mirror team has the chops for expanding on their connected universe, to highlight more socio-political topics more than the tech based ones.

Black Mirror has already dealt with episodes with cult-like groups involved. Most notably, “Hang the D.J.’s” dating world. Yet, that episode just highlighted what could happen. My pitch for the Black Mirror spinoff would highlight what is happening!!!! There is a big difference.

A show based around VR is open to infinite possibilities and episode ideas.

What about a World of Warcraft episode? A Minecraft episode. An episode about 4chan. The AI Bots.  Game of Thrones. Harry Potter.

What these fandoms all have in common are multiple beloved characters that our Callister crew could either infiltrate or meet in person.

John J. Falco