April 1, 2020
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Did you like that much ridiculed TV Interview that Trump did with the Foxy Friends? Well, prepare for more!

Kellyanne Conway says that Trump is preparing to be a monthly guest co-host on Fox & Friends. Much has been mocked about the Fox & Friends interview, which Trump did on Thursday morning. One of the oddest things about the interview was not the stunned looks on the threesome’s faces. It was not the 53 odd statements that the President of the United States made. It wasn’t even when the ‘friends’ cut him off. The oddest thing in the whole interview was that he claimed in so many words that it was a birthday present for Melania.

Now to a common person, everything else he said, probably overshadowed that. But it is odd that the President of the United States, doesn’t realize that if Melania wanted to see him on TV, all she had to do was change the channel to any cable news station or just you know, look at him in real life.

In the TV world a backdoor pilot, serves as a proof of concept for a full series. Franchises often do this with secondary characters that are insanely popular, or different cool settings that need exploring. They stick an episode all about that cool place or those cool people at the end of the season to drive up interest in the pilot for next year and then a TV show is born. So what does that have to do with Trump?

Obviously Trump thinks the paranoid ravings of a lunatic deserves prime-time TV spots on Fox “News.” He may even begin to realize that his Presidency is coming to an end. As he whole-heartedly defends Ronny Jackson, it sounds like he’s saying good-bye to the country himself and is preparing for the inevitable. From the no collusion tweets to the he-has-a-great-family tweets. Trump sees his own decline happening much the same way as his good Doctor. He sees his future through the decline of Ronny Jackson, and the Fox and Friends Interview was his backdoor pilot.

It’s what he always wanted. It was always about TV! He thought he was was going to lose the election, and if he did. No worries. He would just profit off of it, or create Trump TV. If he wanted to win, the election, he wanted to go in and break stuff, and then go down fighting in a blaze a glory.

You know what they say when you prepare to get a guest spot on cable TV or dancing with the stars if you are in politics right? It means your time in politics is over!

John J. Falco