Trump Tweets Inspire New Series of Bourne Films
Posted by John J. Falco on 3rd April 2018

When politics and culture aligns with media companies or movie franchises, I draw parallels between those two universes. We already know late night TV is gonna have a field day with Trump’s crazy news conference, but this site is not primarily about the day to day happenings in politics.

However, lately it does seem to be that I am writing more and more stories about politics as Trump ramps up his attacks on various media entities and favors others.

So in a tweet attacking Amazon once again, Trump misspells the word bourne:

Trump obviously meant to use was the word borne and the true level of his intelligence has been a mystery, but as always users on Trump’s favorite social media site mocked him with a bunch of new ideas for a new Bourne Series starring Matt Damon. Maybe Matt Damon in a Post Office checking shipping costs, or Matt Damon saving the country by going deep under cover in a Post Office and uses only Post Office supplies to defend himself?