October 17, 2019
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Like a frantic sea captain, Donald Trump plugged up some of the holes in his sinking campaign last night during the second Presidential Debate. Early Preliminary analysis suggests that Trump did what he needed to in the debate to fix the mass exodus of Republicans from leaving him. At least, that’s what it appears to be on the surface of things.

One has to question why the media jumped to this conclusion. As a Republican, Trump has NOT done enough for me. He didn’t soundly apologize for his comments that some have alluded to bragging about sexual assault.

He disagreed with Mike Pence on core issues, and he viciously attacked Clinton like no other sensible opponent would ever do, calling her the devil, heartless, mean, and saying that if he won. She will go to jail!

Among the sniffs, Trump outright lied to the American people, bragged about his greatness, and seemed to be stuck on repeat for most of his canned answers. Showing little substance and acting less than a gentlemen. From not shaking hands with his opponent in the beginning to lurking behind Clinton like an angry caged bear. Donald Trump is saying to the world that he’s mad, and he’s not going to take it anymore!

He did not help his chances by basically paying Bill Clinton’s accusers to join him in a Facebook Live stunt right before the debate, as well as wanting to place them in the audience next to the Clinton Family.

I’ve been saying this for months. Trump’s game is way too obvious! He makes Hillary look GOOD!!!! He makes Obama look freakin’ AMAZING!  Who wants to bet that Obama’s numbers are climbing because Trump is running his campaign into the ground? His non-apology/Facebook stunt proves that entertainment and politics are NOT the same thing. You can’t get away with it, the apologies in politics have a very different look and style instead of the apologies in entertainment. I bet Trump’s first thought was to apologize on Twitter and wait until the debates. After all, most of Hollywood does this.

Translation: It was a big deal in the entertainment world. This was like the hugest apology/stunt ever, in the history of entertainment! Akin to Charlie Sheen’s WINNING videos. However, It looked way too cheesy and rehearsed for the political world. We know everything is staged in politics, but it needs to look like you put some effort into it.

In the background, Trump has not done much to please party leadership post-debate. While he managed to wiggle out a bit more support from Mike Pence, who was rumored to be on the verge of leaving the ticket. Speaker Paul Ryan, says he can no longer campaign with Donald Trump and stand by his side. He fell short of an unendorsement, however.

For most of the weekend, Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway was absent from most campaign events. Which suggests that she was held up in Trump Tower with the rest of the campaign team. Rudy Giuliani was dispatched as the sole Trump surrogate on the Sunday talk shows until Kellyanne Conway showed up post-debate spin room. Also absent from the public eye in the last 48 hours is other Trump surrogate Chris Christie. He was not at the debate, nor was he on any Sunday Talk shows to defend Trump.

The RNC has their own plans to punish Trump, and if that sounds, mean. Well, too bad. Maybe Trump should have run as a Democrat. They have effectively diverted all funds to help with state-wide campaigns and stopped the get out to vote campaign, Trump has relied on. The RNC itself will deal with the Trump issue with a conference call meeting later tonight. This is still developing.  This is far from over. 28 days away…

Perhaps the wisest person at the debate was this guy.

John J. Falco