June 21, 2021
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  • 11:46 am Breaking Apart That Anti-Good Omens Campaign
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SNL is seeing a slight ratings bounce ever since Alec Bladwin joined the team to impersonate the Billionaire. Now after two debate skits, and other parodies  Trump finally responded, with his typical brand of conspiracy theories.

Not only does he think the media is rigging the election against him, but he thinks SNL of all places is part of the problem. He also doesn’t have nice things to say about Alec Baldwin and says he stinks, and says the “hit job” went too far. It’s not automatically clear which video Trump is referring to, but what is clear is that this guy can’t take a joke!

The Donald has really thin skin, despite is assurances to his supporters that he doesn’t. So by Trump’s thinking, that means that the show he went on during the primaries should be cancelled for making fun of him, and so too does every other late night comedy show from Jimmy Fallon to Stephen Colbert to James Corden, right? They’ve all made fun of Trump in various ways.

Maybe Trump doesn’t understand freedom of speech or the right in America to have our opinions about him heard. Or maybe he’s just saying these things, because someone is telling him to say them?

Another Media story surrounding the Billy Bush saga, has Bush being canned by NBC for his role in the recent leaked sex comments, but it looks like he will come out on top along with the rest of the Bush clan. George and Jeb are Billy’s cousins while George HW Bush is his uncle.

It has been my assumption through this entire election that the Clinton’s didn’t really want to have to face the Bush political machine again. So, their dream choice of a candidate to replace Jeb Bush with Donald Trump! This may or may not have something to do with a phone call between Bill Clinton and Trump, but for now it turns out a Bush did take Trump out. After all, once a candidate starts complaining about a rigged election, you know it’s all over.

John J. Falco