September 23, 2020
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  • 11:46 am Breaking Apart That Anti-Good Omens Campaign
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Over the past five days, Trump has unleashed a series of bizarre tweets – even for him, White House rumors, and faux controversies, in an effort to distract the public from what should be one of the bigger headlines of the day.

Michael Flynn’s legal team has met with Mueller’s team! This meeting has fueled speculation that Mueller has made a deal with Flynn, a deal that would most likely get Flynn off with lesser charges and charge someone considerably higher up in the food chain, like the President himself.

That’s the only way to make head or tails of Trump’s tweetstorms over the Thanksgiving holiday. Among golfing concerns, over the weekend, Trump appeared to endorse a pedophile for Congress, retweeted more conspiracy theory websites, outright promoted Fox News over CNN while calling them Fake News, lied about Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, and used a terrorist attack half way across the world to promote domestic wall building policies.

Trump has also been saying in private that ‘he believes,’ that the access Hollywood tape is a fake, his Press Secretary appears to have tweeted a stock photo of a pie claiming that she made it for her family, and Trump is now in another controversy for calling Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas at a Native American event…

None of this is even the most bizarre thing he did recently. Not more than 7 hours ago he tweeted this gem:

Are we looking at a genius master troll at work? A man flinging everything he can at the public to distract them from his ongoing legal issues, or a a disturbed individual who is heading into a downward spiral and getting worse?

John J. Falco