May 23, 2019
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A mix of Continuum and Quantum Leap keeps pushing the envelope on one of the most underrated niches in science fiction. Travelers fills in the gaps and builds bridges that science fiction has struggled with for decades. When it comes to time travel science is terrible at explaining at how it works, philosophy and religion, even less so. To date, the only way to explain away the often ridiculous plots that the time travel genre has to ultimately deal with, is simply by magic. This gets frustrating when you want to see or hear about more advanced time travel stories other than people finding a time machine and trying to figure out how it works themselves!

Travelers is changing that and it’s carving out a place for itself as one of the smartest, most forward thinking, science fiction shows currently on TV.  That is of course, if you are able to accept the fact that Travelers have to hijack people’s consciousness in order to travel through time. This of course brings up a whole slew of ethical problems that people living 100 years from don’t seem to care about. So why should you?

The quantum leap consciousness transfer might be a bit too over the top. They have never really given any justification about why they hijack random people and not just crazy/mentally challenged people/homeless people. We don’t know how many travelers there are, but I haven’t heard of one that was numbered 10,000+. So there can’t be that many. I’m sure they could have found 10,000+ homeless people to jump into. Don’t that many people go missing??? Other than that critique, season 2 has given me some things to think about.

Vincent Ingram went back in time to 9/11/01 to hide from, “The Director.”

Travelers season 2 has got to be one of the best cold opens I’ve ever seen on Television! Right up there with Suits. I love this type of cerebral realism stuff. It was the perfect time travel trip. 9/11 the perfect setting! With the introduction of Vincent Ingram into the mix, Mac and the team had me going there at the end of the first episode. I thought they really were going to get killed off. Would I have cared? Considering that the actor who plays Mac is also on Will & Grace again. Even if that did happen, I probably wouldn’t have minded because Vincent’s story is oh so intriguing. A great, what would you do if you could go back in time subplot.

Travelers is moving in the right direction with science fiction and time travel and that’s why I love this show. It’s full of new ideas and future technology which nothing else out there is even touching. It sometimes feels like a giant episode of Black Mirror, because to be honest, you can identify with the travelers. You can connect with them, and figure out what you would have to do in a similar situation. They are a group of different people, outcasts of society (presently that includes FBI Agents too) and yet they seemingly work against their own interests because the AI god tells them what to do. Sound familiar?

In season 2, Travelers branched out and we got to learn a little bit more about future. We got to see how trials worked, and what happens if people go against The Director, the AI system/God that they all obey. We meet the faction, a group of free thinking time travelers that do whatever they want and towards the end we get to even more questions now that the travelers have or might have seemingly been exposed. Imagine for a moment, if the world found out that there were time travelers hijacking your mind?? It would be explosive and that’s just what Season 2 of this spectacular show is. Here’s hoping it sticks around for season 3.

John J. Falco