December 3, 2020
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The Clockblockers’ campaign has failed. Like the characters in the TV show, they fought hard for what they thought was the right thing. Their dream was to give Timeless a third and final season (or at least a movie), just like Star Trek. But Network and Streaming TV had other plans, and none of them include Timeless; at least for now.

Indeed I once compared the show’s fandom to that of Star Trek and in turn it’s fandom is led by none other than William Shatner himself among other celebrities like Kelly Clarkson. Timeless found a special place in people’s heart for being that rare family friendly scifi show. It’s even inspired people to pick up history books about the eras that the TV show’s characters found themselves in week after week.

NBC seems content on letting the franchise die before it ever really becomes one, but fans are not and it should not! Like Firefly before it, fans are thinking up everything from comic books, novels, and other new ways to continue the adventures of the Time Team. At $4 million an episode, perhaps an animated series will do wonders, or even it’s own social streaming site? It remains to be seen how the adventures of the Time Team will continue but, consider this. NBC were also the genius’ who originally cancelled Star Trek in 1969 after three seasons! Look at it now.

In this brave new world of content no property is ever really dead. I have a feeling NBC could be kicking itself once again, as history repeats itself. Could Timeless ever be as big as Star Trek? I think the chances for that are pretty good. It’s only a matter of time before some executive from the future picks up a dusty old Season 3 script and gives us that movie. That movie which could spark Timeless: The Next Generation!

John J. Falco