This Weekend SNL Predicted the Future Much too Easily
Posted by John J. Falco on 5th February 2018

On Saturday Night Live Alec Baldwin returned as Donald Trump to poke fun at his love affair with Fox & Friends.

It was all fun and games until Trump walked right into the joke himself with a tweet on Monday Morning.

That’s right. Trump praised Fox & Friends on twitter right after SNL made fun of him for doing it too much! Did Donald Trump watch SNL this weekend and purposefully tweeted this out in some type of twisted trollish way in order to stick it to SNL? Or is he really this tone deaf?

As Trump continues to contradict himself on now an hourly basis, it’s worth noting that Trump has tweeted about Fox & Friends more than any other pressing issue and frequently changes his opinion based on what cable TV talk show hosts tells him. Despite his claims that he almost never watches TV.

Trump also played both sides of the partisan aisle today, tweeting that Democrats are committing treason and Republicans are honorable.