March 3, 2021
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Pro-Trump group Cambridge Analytica harvested data from millions of unsuspecting Facebook users without their consent. It also was reported to have used shady tactics around the world to try to entrap political opponents, hiring seductive hookers and had ties to Russian oil companies, Bannon, and Lewandowski (two key trump people).

On top of any of the non-partisan issues Cambridge Analytica could add new lawyer to Mueller investigation, that is of course, if Mueller didn’t already know about this. Financial analysts are asking, is the Stock Market plunge a result?? It is rumored that the FTC is probing Facebook while politicians are asking Mark Zuckerberg for answers while he appears to be MIA at the moment.

While all this is going on, the partisan engines of social media keep turning and you might hear that Obama did the same thing or that you are naive if you think other platforms don’t do this as well. While the Cambridge Analytica scandal is ongoing people need to keep in mind that the scope of what Cambridge Analytica did and how they harvested 50 million users’ is not a common practice among big data firms.  Also Obama’s social media outfit, Obama For America, always asked users for consent. Most of all if proven true. Did Trump campaign do this on purpose in order to not have to “spend money on advertising?”

How bad will this get for the Trump admin? What happens to Zuckerberg now? Bannon was VP.




John J. Falco