November 13, 2019
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This is US’ Jackverse just got a little larger. Why am I calling This is US’ universe Jackverse? Because Jack is essentially the main character of the show, as the season 2 finale wrapped up the siblings all reminisced about their broken lives, and the central thing that broke them seems to be the death of their father Jack.

So of course, it’s only fitting that during Kate and Toby’s wedding, a wedding Jack cannot possibly attend, he somehow shows up. After the promo for the season finale aired many interesting fan theories popped up about why Jack who is dead, showed up in the episode. They ranged from the basic: Kate imagined her wedding with Jack to Jack not actually dying and faking his death. The rumors went crazy over on social media and the one I liked the most is expanding the show to feel more like Lost or a franchise with an expanded universe: The Jackverse.

This is Us has already leaped into the future, so it’s not a stretch of the imagination that the show could pivot to alternate realities. Becoming a time bending metaphysical drama that explores various facets of life where the characters become different people would be a very interesting direction for the show to go. After all, This is Us has already received some criticism for being too depressing and unrealistic.

How long can This is Us realistically go on before they run out of realistic story lines? Do you want This is Us to explore more alternate realities?


John J. Falco