January 19, 2020
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If I didn’t know any better I’d say that Woodward and Bernstein are creeping in on the Swamp. Perhaps they have through their contacts that may have quite literally deep throated, caught onto something, something big. Obsessed with Watergate porn? Perhaps they are, but the two iconic journalists from the era are back at it attacking Trump from all sides. It makes one wonder, are the journalistic duo amping up their own campaign against the Trump Administration?

Carl Bernstein Has Compared CNN’s Reporting on the Trump Administration to that of the Washington Post’s During Watergate:

Carl Bernstein has recently been seen on CNN like a mini-Avenatti except with the smarts to stick up for the freedom of the press. Linking CNN to what the Washington Post was to Watergate (maybe bias because he’s an employee, but I digress). Bernstein has warned us that what Trumpco has done is bigger than Watergate, and is instrumental in wanting it exposed. Bernstein has somehow used his Watergate fame and capitalized on it. Maintaining a tight network of DC friends and colleagues that for some reason tell him everything.

Bob Woodward’s Books are Legendary in and around DC Circles:

Woodward on the other hand has written plenty of books about the inner workings of DC. His 2012 book The Price of Politics was particularly intriguing. As it let you become a fly on the wall of some of the backroom deals of the Obama administration. Before anyone says he’s a dopey liberal, just remember that the book made him a conservative darling for a short while. His new book about the Swamp (rather this iteration of it), will tend to be a less flashy version of Fire and Fury, if he keeps to his writing styles. The book Fear, will be out ironically on 9/11/2018.

The question remains, do the two keep in contact and are they working together to protect democracy as they see fit? Can they strike gold twice?

John J. Falco