They Saved Rufus and Perhaps Changed TV History
Posted by John J. Falco on 31st July 2018

The #saverufus campaign from Timeless fans has been a huge success. NBC recently announced that Timeless will get a two episode finale wrapping up the storyline about one of their missing time travelers. Hence the campaign slogan, #saverufus.

Timeless was cancelled after it’s second season, last month after much deliberation between SONY and NBC. They couldn’t make the numbers work. The Timeless creators tried to shop the show to another network, but nobody wanted it. I’m assuming Timeless must be a very expensive show to make, with little going for it except it’s cult like status among fans. Timeless reached peak popularity when internet memes started going around when Timeless star Abigail Spencer showed up at the Royal Wedding. Some said she was protecting the Royal Family from evil Rittenhouse.

Then all attention turned towards Malcolm Barrett’s Rufus as fans demanded closure as to Rufus’ fate. #SaveRufus was born and the rest is history. Timeless fans revamped their efforts to get the 2-hour movie that was teased a reality. To compare, the only network TV show that has done a movie? It was part of the CSI franchise and Netflix did it with their Sesnse8 series. That’s it. Just those two series wrapped up with a movie.

So the question becomes, has Timeless changed TV history? Will this be a new trend? Shows that have been cancelled and even close production, get movie finales if the fan demand is there? Simply ending a TV show with no closure is an absolutely outdated model and Timeless seems to be changing that. Perhaps networks should focus on premium quality TV shows that have a beginning, middle, and end already pre-packaged, so fans won’t have to worry.