The United States of Shock
Posted by John J. Falco on 16th July 2018

Those who like Trump, no longer like Trump. It seems that there is no amount of lies or twisting of the truth that the master of manipulation can do to fix the statement heard round the world at the Trump Putin Summit.

In case you haven’t heard it is this: “They said, ‘I think it is Russia.’ I have President Putin. He just said it is not Russia, I will say this: I do not see any reason why it would be.” All from a guy who cannot get over such “cybersecurity issues” as Hillary’s emails or Peter Strzok’s text messages.

That’s right, The President of the United States sided with Russia over our own intelligence agencies.  Mitt Romney, the last Republican GOP Nominee predicted Russia would become our number one geopolitical foe and he was mocked for it.

Intelligence officials internally believe that statement amounts to treason. Fox News’ Chris Wallace of all people was tougher on Putin, than the President, and every other talking head on cable TV for the past eight hours have become united against this statement.

Media Left Dumbfounded

What those of us who analyze the media just witnessed over the past eight hours was the beginning of the collapse of the cult that Trump has built around him. That protected bubble of conservative right wing talking heads and talking points gone. His allies in Congress are shook, and his defenders should be prepared to resign. His base quiet,  his staff defied, and his enemies are ready to pounce queuing up “Impeach Trump,” and “Mueller is coming,” memes. The question remains, what keeps them loyal?

DC is still tonight. Unsure what to make of a President who doesn’t believe in our intelligence agencies. The press unsure if they can trust the President. Congress unable to come to terms with what they just heard. Fake News it is not. It may be a Constitutional crisis.

Even Trump’s favorite talk show host Sean Hannity seemed to have trouble feeding a low-energy Trump his campaign talking points. It leaves many in the country wondering did Trump just break down? Is this undeniable proof that he is bought and paid for by Russia? That the pee pee tape exists? Will he be impeached?

The most fierce liberals say that the Republican tweetstorm over Trump’s traitorous statements cannot be enough and should not be enough. Indeed, we have seen this type of response from Republicans at least four different times throughout Trump’s tumultuous WH era. Yet, it seems perhaps, his clear allegiance with Russia and not America appears to have shaken something loose.