January 20, 2021
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Presidential Elections will force people to make strange bedfellow with each other. The holdouts from the far-right appears to have been none other than, what could have been the perfect casting choice for a buddy political TV series starring Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. Two constitutional conservatives in their own right.

The logline for this show? When Donald Trump, a new face in Washington shakes things up, new alliances will test best friends and conservative allies Ted Cruz and Mike Lee’s relationship.

From Donald Trump’s obvious political game, it appears that Trump gave Cruz exactly what he was looking for. By revising the famous SCOTUS List to include Mike Lee. Cruz was somehow convinced that Trump was serious and endorsed him. Despite Trump doing nothing on his end to even acknowledge the changes or apologizing to Cruz.

What’s worse? Mike Lee has no plans to endorse Trump, and he wasn’t told that he has been put on this list. That’s right. He had no idea!!!!! That should be a red flag for conservatives everywhere. Mike Lee has also said that he doesn’t have any desire whatsoever to be SCOTUS! What happened here?

Mike Lee is suddenly put on the list without his knowledge and Cruz fell for it? Really? Maybe the relationship these two supposedly have isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

The famous list which somehow convinced many other staunch right-wing radio personalities that despite all of Trump’s conservative short-comings (and there are many) that he will for some reason pick conservative justices whenever he gets the chance, as long as Congress doesn’t veto him. Even though, Trump doesn’t really talk about it all that much. In fact, this list is now sooo important in the minds of the far-right that Trump managed to convince them all, that it should be the ONLY thing that matters!

GIVE ME A BREAK! How is a rando list that a candidate makes during the primaries more important than the promises he makes at other times? NOTE: This list rests on if a Supreme Court Justice Dies in the next four years. There is no guarantee that this happens during a possible Trump administration. So what about his OTHER Plans??? Even if it does, it is highly unlikely that Congress will approve anyone from this Conservative Dream-list.

If Donald Trump does anything else this campaign, he has proven that the conservative agenda will bow down to anyone who promises them all they want. Even if it’s completely unrealistic or he straight out lies to them. I believe this list is one of those things and that he fully intends to nominate his sister to SCOTUS. I can see it now, “I know my sister guys, you can trust her!” And people will just because Trump says so.

John J. Falco