May 23, 2019
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Hurricanes, critics, and actual Star Trek be damned, Seth Macfarlane’s new TV Show has clocked in an impressive 8.6 Million views for the pilot episode. Whether it’s the biggest drama debut since This is Us, or the best ratings Fox has ever had for a drama since the premiere of Gotham, one thing is clear. The Orville broke a lot of records on Sunday night.

The ratings have actually increased since projections made earlier in the week stating 7.3 Million views. The show will move to Thursday nights, when fall TV really picks up speed again at the end of the month. So these ratings are going to change when the comedies come back at the end of the month and maybe some drama might kick it out of first place, but the force is strong with this one. (pun intended). So only then will we see how much football helped it, and honestly. I don’t think Football has the same demographics as The Orville.

I’m not seeing much hype for any of the new dramas, especially not any on Fox. Fox should renew this show soon in order to break the Firefly curse, once and for all!

These premiere numbers could have been that much higher if large metropolitan areas were not affected by the Hurricanes. Could The Orville actually see a ratings gain in the coming weeks? Imagine if Star Trek Discovery bombs. If trekkies hate it, they will turn out in force to view The Orville, making it even more popular than it already is. When was the last time that happened on broadcast TV?

John J. Falco