December 3, 2020
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What the X did I just watch? In the latest episode actor Brian Huskey jumps universes to essentially play the same character he plays on People of Earth and that’s not even the coolest part of this episode.

Brian Huskey basically plays the same character on People of Earth

On a normal day, I would talk about how Huskey jumping characters to turn the X-Files into a clone of People of Earth simply due to his existence and comedy chops in the show was Something. I would highlight the similarities between Mr. Something’s imaginary X-Files world where he was part of the X-Files for all these years helping Mulder and Scully solve cases and get to the truth, and People of Earth’s world. I would also probably touch upon the artistic similarities between this X-Files episode and the stylings of People of Earth (even the aliens look similar!) I would wonder aloud if there was any type of corroboration between the two shows? If there was a possibility that these two shows could possibly exist in the same universe. I would also ponder if this is further evidence of the theory that I came up with last week about Mulder living in a Virtual Reality simulation? Imaginary multi-verses is what this site is all about, after all, but I can’t leave it there.

People of Earth is a comedy on TBS about conspiracy theorists and alien mythology.

I can’t leave it there because The X-Files didn’t leave it there. It went farther than any TV show has to define post-Trump America. No cable news talking heads. No pissed off conservative Youtubers. No Breaking Bad. No Homeland. No BillionsNo Mr. Robot. No Simpsons. No show has attempted to explain the delirious state of politics in America, quite like The X-Files did, because after all is said and done, isn’t The X-Files the show that started it all?

This show holds a lot of nostalgia for me and is perhaps the most defining science fiction show of my life after Star Trek! I bought the DVDs on a whim when I was in my Fox Mulder phase at the ripe young age of 13 (I’m 28 now). I wholeheartedly believed as Mulder believes and back then, I thought exactly as Mulder did. Yes, I was that weird kid who researched this stuff in my spare time and studied all the conspiracy theories from Bigfoot to UFOs and everything in between. So needless to say, Monster of the Week Episodes were always blah to me. Give me Cigarette Smoking men and UFOS!!!!

As a student of the mythology it’s easy for me to point out various conspiracy theories people and various groups or industries believe, or how support for various different causes have arisen thanks to beliefs that aren’t true! It also remains to be seen if this is helpful or hurts society as a whole in the long run.

As I watch the X-Files at this stage in my life I can’t help but relate to Scully. Perhaps more than Mulder deep down I believe she wants to believe, but knows it isn’t possible for her! She has an air of skepticism but then again with all the crazy around her it’s hard to deny the power of the myth. As silicon valley disrupts the “old elites” and  Presidents spout this nonsense openly, the Conspiracy Theory has solidified itself in history as something more powerful than actual truth, actual science, or actual facts.

It’s the The Mandela Effect, the mysterious Mr. Something argues. Instead of the collective misremembering of a fact or event. Mr. Something insists that it’s the government’s mind-bending disinformation program taken to an extreme! It’s why people experience different things, even if you were there together. It’s why we forget and why others seek out the truth. It’s why we have President Trump. It’s both the answer to everything and the answer to nothing! It’s why Mulder and Scully didn’t remember who he was, a key member of the X-Files.

After all, weren’t we fans all Mr. Somethings? Joining Mulder on his quest for the truth. What really popped out at me was at the end of the episode was when Mulder got really angry that others were taking his spot. Others were talking about conspiracies out in the open, like it was no big deal. Mulder wanted to let them know that it’s because of him, that we are all doing that.

Fox Mulder is no longer needed in an age where everyone believes what they read on the internet!

As it tries to create it’s own multiverse where things like Squatching, little kids with old man faces, and po-co are things. The Trumpian alien and the evil Dr. They, in the Lost Art of Forehead Sweat warn us all that the show is ending. The show is not the same as it used to be. It’s ratings are sliding, and in the conspiracy theory, the truth has been found. It does not have the same effect as it once did on society. Even though, in my personal life I have gone from Fox Mulder and even briefly to Alex Jones to Dana Scully. The X-Files remains a special place in my heart and these days, I do not look at it’s signature slogan the same way as others…

The X-Files is The Mandela Effect and this site wouldn’t exist without The X-Files.


John J. Falco