May 28, 2020
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This election is effectively over! At this hour I am calling for GOP leadership to denounce Donald Trump, withdraw support for him, and immediately replace him with Mike Pence. I would endorse that plan. I would endorse Mike Pence for President. I cannot endorse Donald Trump, and never did, never will, #NeverTrump!

After a stunning video leaked late Friday night, Donald Trump was heard on Hot Mic, talking about grabbing pussy and doing whatever he wanted to with women because he was a star. It highlights the vulgar rape culture in Hollywood that rocked Rubert Murdoch’s Fox News’ empire just a few weeks ago.

This is the second weekend in a row where a late night expose threatens to bring down The Donald. Last weekend we were dealing with Trump’s 3 AM Twitter Tirade and while you won’t find late night comics talking about this new Trump scandal, because they have already taped their shows, in their absence social media pokes fun at #Pgate. All this despite inclinations from Trump supporters that, we knew everything about the man, but one has to ask the question.

Why is this the thing that brings him down?? He wasn’t even a Republican at the time, and this happened 11 years ago, when he really wasn’t considering running for President. I’ve heard all these defenses last night along with the fact that. He’s said things that have been much worse. I guess it was the one the broke the camel’s back and sent his house of cards tumbling down.

Throughout the night Friday night as Republican leadership recoiled at Trump’s comments. Lower Republicans steadfastly withdrew their support from the candidate. No real Republican Leadership who has endorsed him yet has officially unendorsed him, but if Trump doesn’t think that’s coming. He’ll be in for a rude awakening.

The first Republican to call for Trump to step down was none other than my early 2012 favorite (R-Utah) Jon Huntsman. This followed by seemingly many other Utahian Republicans to call for the same thing. Mitt Romney himself never actually endorsed Trump and expressed his disappointment on Twitter. Mia Love who seems to have a bright future also from Utah has refused to endorse Donald Trump.

With Utah, a state that never really favored Trump, leading the charge (Gary Johnson has held double digit support there), other unendorsements came trickling in. (R-NH) Kelly Ayotte withdrew her support as did Senator Mike Lee, who was just named as a potential Trump SCOTUS choice.

That lead to other GOP women namely Carly Fiorina to withdraw her support. (R-NV) Joe Heck was having a campaign event for his own election in Nevada and he called for Trump to step down during the rally much to the surprise of Trump supporters. Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE)Rep. Martha Roby (R-AL) have also withdrew their support from Trump.

Paul Ryan and Reince Priebus, the party leadership have yet to unendorse Trump. I’m not sure if they legally can. They both condemned him last night as did VP nominee Mike Pence earlier today.

Trump’s campaign team is currently huddling in Trump Tower. The damage control team consisting of Rudy Giuliani, Kellyanne Conway, and Chris Christie and the Trump kids are talking next steps. Reports suggest that Trump will make some type of statement tonight after the cheesy taped non-apology was released by CNN late last night.

The thing is no one quite knows what to do. Not even seasoned politicos. The election is one month away and no candidate has ever blew up this close to the election. The GOP rules say that they can only replace a candidate because of “death, declination, or otherwise.” The otherwise scenario is very, very interesting, but then the GOP would risk alienating Trump’s entire base. The base’s fears would be granted in one fell swoop and there would be much more chaos.

So as establishment leadership threatens to pull the lever on the Donald Trump experiment. Donald Trump himself, continues to live in his own world. Bragging about never backing down, never quitting, and all of his support. What support Donald? By this time tomorrow, you won’t have any left. End this now!

John J. Falco