August 25, 2019
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Last month it was reported that Television personalities Michael Avenatti and Anthony Scaramucci were teaming up and shopping around a TV show, starring the both of them as they discuss the political issues of the day. In what is apparently an act to make cable news that much more terrible.

The Odd Couple pairing of Avenatti and The Mooch seems interesting at first. Avenatti the liberal firebrand who among all others has managed to beat Donald Trump at his own media game, and The Mooch the wild Trump loving kiss-ass who famously got fired in only 11 days. In this new political age these guys are the voices of modern day politics, the ones who rose above the fire and fury, even while causing some of it themselves. That in itself is really scary.

But if you think about it. Avenatti and Scaramucci have more in common than they would like you to think. They are both traditional middle age Italian white men from New York. Scaramucci himself even went to Harvard Law School and loves freedom of the press. Something the President calls “the enemy of the people,” and something Avenatti has utilized to gain super trending status in a culture with a ten second attention span.

It’s just their financial alliances don’t match up and that’s where things start to diverge. Yet they both swim in the same circles. However, it is unclear why they don’t seem to be able to get this show off the ground, if they actually really want to do it, or why they chose The Late Show.

Critics say the episode ranged from terrible to unnecessary. The two seemed shockingly out of their element. With Avenatti sounding more like a presidential candidate than a lawyer and Scaramucci shackled by CBS’ red tape regulations a shell of a man devolved into Trump talking points. The Late Show seemed like a poor choice to air the pilot as none of the color of their characters or personas was to be found and not even a sliver of punch drunk politics from a doting host helped.

Maybe CBS was doing these guys a favor, and killed it before it could ever get off the ground. Though this is the media in 2018. I don’t rule anything out.


John J. Falco