September 23, 2020
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Trump was only the pre-show. The trailer. The promo. It may be argued by future historians that the Kardashians were always destined for the White House. Kanye West lit up Twitter on fire on Wednesday night by joining the Trump train and by talking about becoming President. He saw Trump do it, and if Trump can do it. So can he.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian seem to be implanting themselves into a formidable alternative choice for the alt-right. Using the same slogans and the same talking points that the right loves, and getting bashed by liberals. We are already getting a preview of how this election is going to go. Right now. Live on twitter.

Rumors of 2024 quickly spread throughout conservative circles. The fact that Kayne West is the now one of the only acceptable choices Trump can pass the torch to. At least according to Trump base at current. Kanye has already mastered the one modern Presidential thing that sets Trump apart from all other Presidents. The tweet. He also claims to have fired his “handlers.” Pleasing the anti-establishment crowd.

It is my theory that the Kardashians first got their taste of fame during the OJ Simpson trial when their dad was part of the very public trial. That impression of fame and cameras followed them throughout their whole lives. Now that they see Trump’s success at fighting off scandal vs scandal and his cult following, the Kardashians have a better way better shot than even Donald Trump did.

It’s often said that politics is just reality TV for ugly people. Perhaps the Kardashians feel like “Making Politics Beautiful Again”, and indeed Kanye is already talking about sprucing up Washington with what he considers class. It’s not exactly class, but there is something 100% American about the Kardashians. And with the reality TV like attention focused on Trump’s Presidency The Kardashians may think all that glitz and glamour are appealing. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want a Kanye West Presidency. I don’t like him, but millions of people do! The stage is set. The cameras are on. It will be messy. It will be sad. And bad actors will use the Kanye Presidency just like they used the Trump election.

 I wrote last year, an actual politician would be, at this point in their career, planning for the 2020 races but with the American public’s growing disconnect with the institutions that they claim to support and with pundits bending reality itself, Americans may not be ready to give up the Trump TV for a regular politician. Ever again. Armed with this information Kanye West knows that the White House is his for the taking.




John J. Falco