April 1, 2020
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What if I told you that there was a TV show out there that was so anti-trump that it could actually help Trump in the long run? A show that parodies quasi-liberal ideals and makes them nearly ridiculous?

Well, that show is The Good Fight, and it’s latest episode was peak anti-Trump. Ending with a cute little cartoon musical about how nobody is above the law. The majority of the seventh episode of season 2 deals with a bunch of lawyers squabbling to get a major client. None other than the DNC.

The DNC has a test for the law firm, and that’s to come up with a legal scenario for the impeachment of Donald Trump, once Democrats win in November. Notice that they fully expect to win in November as any good organized party should, but as it remains clear throughout the episode. Democrats are hardly organized enough to deal with the many scandals plaguing the Trump Administration.

Margo Martindale plays political strategist Ruth Eastman in The Good Wife universe.

With a Maddow-esque board full of the scandals and the token Republican (who’s black) arguing about witch hunts, high class lawyers can’t decide what one to go after. This is a problem, that the DNC doesn’t want to have. They’d much rather have Mueller do something before the election, as was stated in the episode by the always formidable Margo Martindale.

The thing about it is, the Democrats are in just as much disarray because they can’t fight the crazy (half of them are going crazy themselves) and they don’t know how to grasp the madness. One of the lawyers in the law firm comes up with ideas about how to combat the crazy with even more crazy and more lies. Democrats are thinking about a strategy about how to beat Trump, by beating him at his own game. Fighting fire with fire. Conspiracy Theories with conspiracy theories. Facts with rumors. If they can’t even do that. Trump wins.

John J. Falco