October 31, 2020
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You may have seen the promotions that, The Good Fight is only available at the new online streaming service CBS ALL Access.

What The Good Fight is doing says a lot about the great hope that is streaming for the future of television. It is a spin-off inside The Good Wife universe. One of the most popular legal dramas in modern TV history. It’s politics is liberal, it’s scandals are ripped from the headlines, and the cost for access is $6 a month!

The first great hope for CBS All Access came in the form of paramount’s efforts to bring Star Trek back to the small screen. Star Trek is very popular on streaming services even the newly minted All Access, according to CBS. Yet due to production problems, the show has been postponed indefinitely. So that made room for another franchise to shine.

CBS already was in discussions with the actors and they hadn’t dismantled the sets of The Good Wife, so with little cost to the network, they kept going and I am glad that they did. While Alicia’s storyline is basically over, a law firm’s storyline can keep going after a partner leaves or resigns from scandal. Yet, in typical Good Wife fashion, Diane is not staying with Alicia’s firm because she was ready to retire until she became an unwitting part in a Billion Dollar Ponzi Scheme and lost all her money! It’s unclear if The Good Fight will continue with what made The Good Wife case of the week episodes so great and so politically relevant to the politics of our time. The Ponzi Scheme did seem forced but the police brutality case seemed relevant if not a little cheesy, but then again so was The Good Wife even at its best.

There are still questions about just how successful The Good Fight will be for the network. While the Good Wife averaged 13 million viewers a week on CBS, the Good Fight sneak peak only averaged about half of that at 7 million viewers. Still, it’s not a bad chunk of change for the network if they can get half of those 7 million to sign up for the streaming service.


John J. Falco