January 20, 2021
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If you are a Trump fan you shouldn’t like The Good Fight. From it’s very first episode the characters are shocked that Trump won the election. A reference to the President of the United States, has been in every single episode since and sometimes he plays a larger role than others.

Other political shows, like Designated Survivor, Scandal, Madam Secretary, VEEP, and House of Cards, all have fictional political worlds, but they have their own governments, their own Presidents, and their own drama. The Trump references in the Good Fight are in fact not that bad and it is one of the few shows that actually focuses on how political people (namely liberals) attempt to navigate a fictional political world in the age of Trump. Every other lawyer show on TV tends to avoid the topic.

If one was a partisan right wing activist one might actually find pleasure in seeing the liberals on both shows freak out. This brings extra charm to the show much like the Good Wife before it. Note: The Good Wife’s entire plot dealt with a Democratic Governor having an affair complete with other scandalous episodes too!  Is this the secret to the Good Wife/Fight’s success? That it knows how to make fun of hot button liberal issues without getting too serious about them?

Enter actor Gary Cole. In the Good Wife Universe he plays Diane Lockhart’s estranged husband. A Conservative Gun Loving and I assume Conservative. The catch? He also played a Donald Trump like character in Law & Order’s SVU. That ghost episode I have talked about before has never aired, but the kicker in The latest Good Fight episode is that episode belonged to the Chicago Franchise instead of Law & Order. This means, that the Chicago franchise exists as TV Shows in The Good Fight Universe!

And Diane’s law firm in the Good Fight has to defend a TV writer who posted the episode online because the network was too afraid of one Donald Trump which the episode is based on. The same episode her TV husband acted in. Sounds familiar right? This criss-crossing of TV Universes is all but to be expected as more and more TV shows enter into the franchise crossover universe.


John J. Falco



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