June 21, 2021
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As Bezos put it, it’s not a can of worms. It’s a log full of them:

Bezos Joins the Resistance

Jeff Bezos seems to confirm what I wrote about last month: That the National Enquirer was directly involved in a political hit job against the world’s richest man and it may or may not have directed by the President of the United States himself.

This is not simply a new twist. It shows just how close Trump and Pecker are in this together and how this is very standard operating procedure that they have been using for over 40 years.

Bezos Takes the Fight Directly to the Public:

Bezos likely himself doesn’t know the political implications of what he just revealed to the world after all he runs the world’s most valuable company and employees hundreds of thousands of people. He can’t sit around watching news stories all day like some of us can.

But what if he was? What if this is Bezos plan to join the resistance? If he was politically in tuned I would assume he would have sent information over to one Robert Mueller and his lawyers before releasing it to the public. But what if Bezos is politically in tuned maybe he realizes the implications of this and realizes the only way to beat Trump and AMI is to take it directly to the public.

The Implications:

Since it appears that this is standard operating procedure in Trump Org, Trump Tower, and has been for 40 years, would it not make one realize that:

  1. This is standard operating procedure in Trump WH and Trump supporters on the TV.

  2. The media allies of the President as well as the politicians who flip to the Trump side are being blackmailed by AMI and were forced to sign similar deals or NDAs.

  3. Bombshell stories that were being investigated by independent reporters were threatened by AMI  and some complied.

  4. Trump likely used either a Israeli or Saudi government entity to obtain Bezos text messages

The Fallout:

I cannot stress this enough. The implications of what Bezos did is a HUGE deal and those four points are JUST the tip of the iceberg in regards to the domestic and foreign implications of the revelations made here. Dare I say this is the nail in the coffin? I’m wary b/c normal everyday people and politicians don’t seem to have the stomach to follow all the dirt. #moretocome.

John J. Falco