April 16, 2021
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  • 11:10 am HBO Reminds Fans That It Has Other Stuff Besides GOT

There are many popular TV Shows that are spinning off into extended universes of their own. Here are some of them:


  • HBO’s Crown Jewel, Game of Thrones is in early prequel development. HBO knows that Game of Thrones will leave a big hole in their schedule, and they don’t necessarily want to leave George R.R. Martin’s world just yet. Rich in layers and with unlimited potential Game of Thrones could be spun off for an eternity.

  •  FX has just ordered the first script for the spinoff of the hugely popular Sons of Anarchy. Mayans MC. The spinoff will be uniquely different with a latino flavor to boot. FX however, needs to take some cues from Netflix here, if they want to be successful going down that route. If they make the show feel too much like Narcos it could be seen as a rip-off and many of the Sons’ fans won’t tune in.

  • The other well known property that is getting a spinoff is the Legen…Wait for it..Dary, How I Met Your Mother. Yes, there was talk of a spinoff right when the show ended in 2014, to be called How I Met Your Dad a pilot was filmed but not picked up to series. Now, This is Us writers have a new idea for the spinoff: How I Met Your Father, told from the female perspective.

  • If you’ve read my blog recently. You’d know about the drama going on behind the scenes of The Big Bang Theory. The Sheldon Spinoff still seems to be a go. The struggling geeky comedy is looking like it’s not going to be renewed due to contract negotiations.

  • If Game of Thrones and House of Cards are the crown jewel for HBO and Netflix respectively then, The Good Fight is looking to be CBS’ crown jewel for it’s streaming companion site CBS All Access. Star Trek: Discovery anther spinoff in it’s own right, was supposed to spearhead the site but the series has been bogged down by production problems and they haven’t even begun filming anything yet. The Good Wife spinoff, The Good Fight, will lock down a lot of the original cast of critically acclaimed political drama.

  •  Yes, Creator Dick Wolf has plans for a fifth Chicago Series and more Law & Order.

  • Westworld: What should be done about Westworld? We were already hinted about other potential spinoff worlds in Season 1, and we already know about the original films’ sequel future-world. Due to Westworld’s stunning success story, we should be expecting various spinoffs in years to come, but I am unsure how that will play out, I only mention Westworld because a TV Show called Westworld featuring a Samuraiworld in season 2 does not make much sense. Unless HBO wants this to be an anthology series, but then shouldn’t they have called it Delos, instead?

John J. Falco