September 23, 2020
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Did Jeff Bezos just find his Game of Thrones? It’s true The Expanse is alive and well and with a powerhouse billionaire like Jeff Bezos behind the show, fans are wondering what exactly will season 4 look like?

Announced late Friday night, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos just gave The Expanse the juice that the show needs to live on. Jeff Bezos is a huge fan of the series, and the cast has thanked the fan campaigns for bringing it to his attention by flying the ship over Amazon studios headquarters.

Although, it appears that Bezos was almost immediately angling to pick the series up after he learned Syfy cancelled it. Syfy made a poor business decision by only getting the rights to live viewers. (that’s not how we millenials watch TV Syfy) Amazon has streaming rights to the show already, so now it owns all the rights. This leaves many speculating what this could mean for the future of the show.

Maybe Amazon could increase the budget for the show, hire more well known actors for other characters that the crew encounters. One thing for sure? It could certainly give it a better marketing campaign. Whatever happens with the future of the show, The Expanse is now the second TV show saved from cancellation this season and this save by Amazon will give the show even more awareness. Jeff Bezos said that populating the solar system is the one goal that all of Mankind should be working towards. The Expanse shows us that world.

Fans have intricately picked through the novels (which are still being written) and discovered that Syfy has cut some corners due to the limitations of cable TV. With a streaming platform like Amazon, this doesn’t have to happen anymore, and the creators will have greater freedoms to tell their story. Now The Expanse can expand into many more future seasons.


John J. Falco