April 1, 2020
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Deadline reports that, the epic Space Drama based on the very popular book series of the same name, will have a home on Netflix for the foreseeable future. Netflix just acquired The Expanse for international distribution, in a move that is bound to please the show’s small but growing fanbase. The Expanse is probably the most realistic outlook on space exploration that has ever graced the small screen.

I think Netflix is edging out a nice little niche for themselves where science fiction is concerned. They know that Star Trek and other sci-fi cult classics like Sliders, and the X-Files are a hit with audiences, and they knocked it out of the park with Stranger Things. Netflix knows how to do Sci-fi justice! If the creators of The Expanse ever get shut down by the networks, they know they will have an easy time getting Netflix to keep the vast story-line going. This is great news to all fans!

John J. Falco