June 26, 2019
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Sony needs something to compete with Disney’s Marvel and WB’s DC. It hopes that something is a Dark Tower Universe.

But as reviews came tricking in over the weekend rotten tomatoes destroyed the film’s rosy outlook and all hopes for a franchise. Or so it seemed. Sony, still plans on going ahead with a prequel TV series that is currently financed and getting off the ground. It will eventually get a 10-13 episode first season depending on scripts.

Sony is looking to partner with either Netflix or HBO or another cable distributor and plans for more seasons are underway, even without a channel lined up yet. So that proves that Sony is determined to launch this brave new universe even as the film gets muddied by the scope of Stephen King’s universe he created. The movie and TV show both end in a way that will open the door for more possibilities of expansion. Either way, Stephen King must be enjoying all this news, about how Sony has embraced The Dark Tower

John J. Falco