March 31, 2020
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Five days ago, major media outlets had reported that The Daily Beast was working on an explosive sexual harassment story about the culture of cover-ups and sexual harassment NBC News. There were rumors of panics and big shake-ups coming.

Yet, the story has yet to materialize. Was it fake news put out by the Daily Beast? Was it squashed by the NBC News legal department? Allow me to offer up another suggestion:

What if upon seeing the Omarosa Drama that has shaken the White House, the Daily Beast decided to grab onto the story? Omarosa has given exclusives to NBC News about the the Trump Tapes that she has. What if the Daily Beast is currently in search of more? Maybe even the fabled Trump Apprentice Tapes. This is not out of the realm of possibilities.

What Happened to the Story?

If the Daily Beast has indeed expanded their investigation to ALL NBC properties in an effort to capitalize on the Omarosa drama, then it is also possible that they have discovered Trump’s deeper ties into the operation. NBC says it cannot release The Apprentice Tapes. The official statement from MGM owner of The Apprentice, remains that it cannot do so under messy contracts. Well who just so happens to be the king of messy contracts?

Since the N-Word tape that Omarosa heard was apparently part of the fabled Apprentice Tapes, and it was also ruled that Summer Zervos can depose these same tapes in court. It is clear that these tapes are about to surface. Could The Daily Beast have come across them in their reporting? Or Could the Beast have discovered something much more ominous in the Network’s efforts to protect their IP and Super Star Mark Burnett?

What Exactly Happened on The Apprentice?

Is it possible that among the racial slurs and sexual harassment on the set of the Apprentice, there is something more devious that NBC has covered up for years. Otherwise, why is MGM and NBC going to major lengths to keep these tapes? Why is Mark Burnett reportedly terrified of the tapes? What the hell happened on that show?

NBC let the creators of Timeless release every single piece of unreleased footage from the cult favorite. Why can’t it do the same for The Apprentice? It’s the same network that gave Omarosa a platform for spreading, “rumors and lies,” about the President. Is NBC using her to leak their own tapes to avoid the fallout from the potential The Daily Beast story? From the sound of things, The Daily Beast is moving full speed ahead.

John J. Falco