January 19, 2020
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Today, Hulu and Spotify announced a joint partnership that bundles all of their services for a student price of only $5 per month! Since Spotify’s student plan is already $5 a month, that means you get Hulu at no extra cost! Of course the catch is that you have to be a student, but both companies promise that this is just the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

This set up is not unlike an ISP. Where telecoms bundle Home Internet, Phone, and TV plans into one. The companies admit that this is an effort to merge into a giant streaming service, in an effort to battle those very ISPs from which they are competing with. Also, on the outs is Spotify’s struggling video efforts and now it’s easier for Spotify to send it’s subscribers over to Hulu instead.

As Hulu is already a subsidiary of many backers in the telecom industry, it will be hard for Spotify to acquire the streaming channel or merge with it, but the partnership is a tantalizing one and students should take advantage. Could this be the beginning of the Streaming Service Providers that I have mentioned before? As these fractured streaming companies continue to merge we could be seeing more partnerships like this in the near future to compete with massive ISPs.


John J. Falco