June 21, 2021
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When we are first introduced to the Star Trek: Picard’s Borg Cube Artifact, it feels like you are walking into an amusement park ride. We weren’t subjected to the familiar, “Keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times,” but everything else was there.

The introductory video message of what’s going on in there felt all to familiar. The loading of people into lines while they wait for their assignments, or “mission,” feels like you are getting on the ride. It’s called “the grey zone,” which is basically a ride’s name. Don’t forget the “ride operators” who keep watch of it all are standing above everyone.

How The Artifact Could Become Part of the Beginning of New Star Trek Off-Screen Experiences?

Casual readers and even die hard Star Trek fans may not know that part of the five year mission for the new Star Trek Universe is to create more fan experiences off the screen. In order to bring Star Trek conventions into the 21st century. There may be plans reboot Star Trek: The Experience. Also, the new bridge on the Enterprise looks too good to use for a thirty minute guest shot. So CBS may want to build a set like it and open it up to the masses.

CBS has registered a bunch of trademarks and most of those projects have not seen the light of day. So, many Star Trek fans seem worried that these TV projects are either not being made or were rejected after CBS’ merger with Viacom. However, there could be another theory: Some of those names are going to be used for interactive off-screen fan experiences.

Even more telling? The Star Trek Universe’s Facebook page just asked fans, if they wanted to visit the The Artifact. Why is this important? Because that same page has been hinting and driving fan requests to create a Captain Pike series. It was promoting clips of the Pike and crew characters for months on end just up until the release of Picard.

John J. Falco