May 23, 2019
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Timeless is one of the only network TV shows that has still not been renewed. So, the Time Team is purposely, yes purposely, releasing deleted scenes and even snippets of scripts online! It’s been almost a month since the season 2 finale of Timeless has aired on TV, but if you’d ask Timeless fans better known as Clockblockers, they wouldn’t know it because they get fresh Timeless content to sink their teeth into, daily.

This unprecedented move by both NBC and the Timeless team has been nothing short of remarkable, as the show seems to get more popular with each deleted scene that they release. Timeless even made it to TVLine’s Best TV Quotes of the week. Last week. That’s right, a quote from a show that isn’t even on TV, that wasn’t even in the episodes that we saw live, made it into an article about the best TV quotes of the week. Let that sink in NBC!

What’s interesting about the Time Team’s decision to release this material, is that it shows that there is room for this type of marketing scheme in the future. If Timeless gets a season 3, due to streaming numbers and the numbers from the deleted scenes, which get around 40,000 views… Other TV shows may not wait to release this content on DVD format. Because when was the last time you actually bought one?

DVDs were once the crown jewel to post production revenue. That saving grace for a platform or franchise if it didn’t perform well at the box office or it’s official season run. Remember straight to DVD sequels? As this little experiment proves it’s the best proof Hollywood needs that digital content is quickly overtaking physical media. By the time we hear about the decision of Timeless from NBC and Sony, we may yet see the entire process of how this show was put together, and that’s really cool! It’s a great educational tool not just for fans, but for those interested in the TV business itself.


John J. Falco