September 23, 2020
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Maura Tierney as Helen, Dominic West as Noah Solloway, Ruth Wilson as Alison and Joshua Jackson as Cole in The Affair (season 3 key art). – Photo: Courtesy of SHOWTIME

You know when a four year old show starts trending on twitter it’s NEVER a good sign. Especially, in an age where there are over 500 TV shows on different platforms at any given time. But that’s what happened with Showtime’s  soapy drama The Affair last night. Still going strong in it’s fourth (not final) season.

Competing with the season finale of HBOs highly successful corporate drama Succession, which had another death. Twitter lit up with the revelation that Alison Bailey has committed suicide. The shocking death in the eighth episode of The Affair shook the show to it’s core and left the remaining cast of characters reeling. Unable to even come into the Morgue to ID his ex-wife Joshua Jackson’s Cole Llockhart broke down and began to lash out at everyone and everything, blaming anyone he could find for her death.

Characters and fans don’t believe it was suicide:

The show’s central character and cheating mistress was unstable from the very beginning. While it was always a possibility that Alison would commit suicide, due to her many psychological issues and the death of her own child. It wasn’t planned that way from the beginning. Ruth Wilson, the actress who plays Alison wanted to leave, and that gave the writers an opportunity to change things up (in a season where they already made the move to LA) and create even more drama and more fan theories.

Currently fans are not resting until they find out who Alison’s killer is. Yes, fans of The Affair are not certain that Alison’s death is a suicide, and even both of her exes who spent the majority of the episode trying to track her down in TVs greatest road trip ever, couldn’t believe it. They kept asking questions, and Cole in particular kept accusing people, even Noah of killing her. The most popular fan theories as of current are that Ben or her Kidney-seeking father had killed her. Not that it was suicide.

The character’s death is probably one of the best things to ever happen on the show, and while there are going to be plenty of people who disagree with me. One thing is for certain, The Affair is coming back stronger than ever before. Joshua Jackson’s performance in this episode alone is being hailed as Emmy-worthy. Also, the title intro and song in The Affair that we’ve heard since the first episode, now makes perfect sense. The chilling, Fiona Apple song and haunting beachy imagery that opens up the show foreshadows this death too perfectly. Alison’s death will give the show a much needed jumpstart as the character’s fates get even more intertwined than before.


John J. Falco