April 16, 2021
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The Affair has morphed from it’s humble beginnings as a simple soap opera to one of the most relevant shows on Television. Better Call Saul is probably the best show in Television History.

That’s why there’s no shock that both shows received a well deserved season 5 renewal. As new prestige dramas continue to try to outshine each other, none of them quite match up to these two shows.

In season 4 of The Affair, the show seems to tackle it all. From racial injustice and death by cancer to teenage deadbeats and sexuality. Better Call Saul has outshined parent show Breaking Bad in every way imaginable. Perhaps it’s only fault is that we sort know where the show is going. We know that Bob Odenkirk’s Jimmy McGill will turn out to be Saul Goodman at some point. I can’t even begin to imagine how great the show would be if we didn’t know that!

That’s why it seems that at times, the supporting cast outshines Odenkirk’s talents.  Real Breaking Bad fans know that the show wouldn’t exist without him. The Breaking Bad cast got together for a ten year reunion at Comic-Con, and the love is still there. Promotional material teases that the Breaking Bad world is just getting started. Does Vince Gilligan have another show up his sleeve? Don’t bet against it.

The Affair:

The Affair has now split into part NYC and LA portions, for good reasons. The surprise of the season was that new character Vik gets his own spot as he deals with his cancer and overbearing parents. The change has made the show work even better as the two couples begin to find their way back to each other, right to where they started.

The Affair will end with Season 5 just like the creators wanted. Better Call Saul seems to have no end in sight and it keeps getting better and better. As some fans want an entire season with Gene and Gillian teases Breaking Bad characters popping up this season… It proves that AMC and Showtime continue to give the fans, what they crave.

John J. Falco