July 20, 2019
  • 11:46 am Breaking Apart That Anti-Good Omens Campaign
  • 10:38 pm Chernobyl’s Hot Zone: A Sleepy Summer Finds Drama in a New Genre
  • 11:10 am HBO Reminds Fans That It Has Other Stuff Besides GOT
  • 12:21 am On The Good Fight, Even Ball Lightning is Partisan
  • 9:22 pm CNN’s Hiring of Sarah Isgur is a Travesty

Thanks to Donald Trump, we have a mini-crossover on our hands! Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon and Conan O’Brien teamed up for a video conference call to talk about what the President of the United States just said about them. He called them names! How dare he!

Trump called the late night hosts no talent, low lifes. Conan didn’t seem to know what was going on or why he was even part of the conversation. Fallon seemed to be on the verge of crying, and Colbert got the group together where he invited Jimmy to the Red Hen to talk about it some more.

Not one to miss a beat, Colbert after switching his late night show to name to “The Late Show with The Guy.” Colbert also included late night pal James Corden and devoted a huge chunk of his monologue to him. Thinking that Corden, was who Trump was talking about, but alas he later finds Trump was talking about him!

Colbert also pondered if Trump was afraid to say his name. Where was ABC’s funny man? He’s currently on vacation. But is that really an excuse not to be part of this once in a lifetime event???

John J. Falco