Tech Update: Surface, Macs, Twitter, Vine and Driverless Beer!
Posted by John J. Falco on 28th October 2016

A few years ago, I started using Facebook Notes to write tech news. Well, I decided to revive this as a new weekly feature on my site to summarize all tech news that happens each week. Enjoy the first issue.

  • The Microsoft Hardware event came and went, but it infuriated Apple fanboys everywhere. For years, Microsoft has been trying to lure creative types away from the Mac, and with the Surface Studio they might just do it. Sporting an all-in-one mac-like look with surface-like features, the Microsoft Studio looks to be the perfect companion to any art studio. With it’s ability to fold onto a desk, be light on the touchscreen effects, and it’s cute little accessories that look like something out of the minority report, the Microsoft Studio is looking like it has some great potential here. Especially due to the future Mixed Reality Microsoft Ecosystem that appears to be right around the corner. Every single design shop out there equipped with the Microsoft Studio and Hololens at their side won’t need anything other than a 3D printer to be complete. Mac has to work hard to innovate, and I never thought I would ever say that!
  • In a surprising turn of events Apple is on the back-burner and it’s been there for awhile. While it’s smartphone sales continue to show strong earnings beating market predictions. With the Apple Car DOA and no new innovations to fall back on, Apple somehow thought a lackluster Mac event to try to one-up Microsoft, would please everybody. It didn’t. And while the lack of function keys like the escape key is now missing from the Macs, one would really have to research the specifics here to get the point of this new device.
  • Meanwhile another company that has been struggling with, well everything, is Twitter. Twitter recently announced that it will be cutting 9% of it’s workforce which mostly includes sales and marketing people, and that it will be killing off the 6 second video clip outlet, Vine. Vine grew popular on twitter through it’s popularity with teens and tweens. It’s not clear if lack of interest in Vine has dwindled and that was the ultimate reason Twitter Execs wanted to shut it down, but it’s said internally that it’s user base had peaked sometime in 2014. The lack of interest is due in part to the growing popularity of Snapchat.
  • Anheuser-Busch loaded a bunch of beer onto a truck and told it to go across the state of Colorado, by itself! There was a professional truck driver on board to monitor things if something got out of hand on the 120 mile journey. It looks like major beer manufactures will be the first to dive feet first into driverless shipping. Because if any industry needs cars to drive themselves, it’s the beer industry!