January 20, 2021
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President Trump is firing up his propaganda machine and flexing his media muscles. Short video messages highlighting Trump successes are making the rounds through right wing social media channels and Hollywood is beginning to take notice.

The real news video clips shared on Facebook are already competing in ratings with the likes of late night talk show hosts completely circumventing the traditional media game. Rumors that Trump was looking to start a Trump TV channel started when things weren’t so rosy looking during the 2016 campaign.

During the election Trump launched a variety of live facebook events and fleshed out his media strategy. Plugging few talking heads on various network TV shows including CNN’s Jeffrey Lord, Trump rather wanted to take the bulk of the media spotlight for himself.

Now those surrogates are finding a new home on Trump’s facebook page. Starting with President Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump the first video clip which went live last Sunday has already amassed about 2.3 Million views. That says something but as with all social media measurements those views might not be as real as the news he wishes to portray as being.

At 10 AM this morning Ex-CNN contributor Kayleigh McEnany was featured on the video and it looks like the gig might be permanent. McEnany, a pro-Trump pundit who appeared on CNN throughout the campaign season, announced on Twitter Saturday that she was leaving CNN for a “new role.” Now we know what that new role is, but details aren’t entirely clear. Will Lara and McEnany swap roles? Will other Trump surrogates appear in the clips?

McEnany wasn’t dropped from CNN, she said she wanted out, so that she could do this gig, but why would promotional videos for team Trump be considered a conflict of interest? We already know she’s pro-Trump. It’s not a secret. So I wonder if these videos are actually promos for something larger. Something like a 25 minute episode of pro-Trump news.

The funny thing is, Stephen Colbert predicted that this very thing would happen.

John J. Falco