September 23, 2020
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I just recently saw two movies that brought back memories of 9/11. Robert Zemeckis’ The Walk features a guy who wants to walk across the Twin Towers on tight rope. Sully, brings alive the story of the “Miracle on the Hudson,” and how Captain Sully Sullenberger managed to land a plane in the center of the Hudson river. Giving New York City the first good news about airplanes in years.

On 9/11/01 I was 12 years old, and suffered from my first dislocated kneecap during first period gym class. My mom rushed me to the doctor’s and he put my knee back in place. We went home and I watched the news live that whole day.

Four months later, George W. Bush gave his famous State of the Union address announcing The War on Terror. My views of the world had been instantly changed and a year later at 13 years old, I declared myself a Republican! 5 years before I could cast my first vote. All I knew back then was that bad guys were out to get us, and there was a lot of confusion about who they were, what they wanted and why. To me, it was not a question of if they were coming to get us again, it was when they would! 9/11 was the single event that shaped my political viewpoints into what they are today.

So when I look back at what all has happened since then. The confusion, the paranoia, all the Conspiracy Theories that have come out, the expansion of government power into intelligence, cyber defense, foreign affairs, international relations, the eventual questions about if this was the right thing to do, the feeling of betrayal when we made the mistakes that some feel are so grave that they should result in certain arrests. I don’t think any of that is really ours to judge. I mean most of us in-shock Americans were ready to let Bush nuke the Entire Middle East on that day.

What we should remember is the lives lost, the people who came out to help, and the fact that while the towers aren’t there anymore. We’ve rebuilt with an even bigger building called the Freedom Tower!

Movies from the past that feature the twin towers are another kick in the heart. Movies made today about the towers or plane crashes cannot ignore the 9/11 issue, but they are usually done in good conscious.

John J. Falco