May 23, 2019
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As news comes down from Suitors land, that Suits Co-stars Patrick J. Adams and future princess Meghan Markle will not be coming back to USA’s hit drama. Suits is the last flavor of dramas since USA’s blue sky slate of programming from the early 2000s. It remains one of the best pilots I’ve ever seen, but after eight years the series, now a budding franchise, is on shaky ground.

This marks the largest change in the core cast since Gina Torres’ Jeesica Pearson left. Torres tried and failed to become a lead in multiple TV series since her exit, and now word is that her idea for the Suits Spin-off to take place in Chicago is taking off.

This leaves ample opportunity for Suits to reinvent itself and take advantage of the seemingly numerous Chicago Universes/possibly one big connected Chicago Universe available in TV land. A very exciting opportunity to continue fleshing out the potential budding business TVerse that Suits seems to be trying to build is to cross-over with firms from The Good Fight.

Even as the idea of a Suits franchise seems to draw it’s fair share of criticism the two TV shows can’t ignore each other when they go to Chicago. It seems a sharing of resources, as it were, might be the best way for both spinoffs to better succeed, is if at some point they become symbiotic. This universe ain’t big enough for the both of them to co-exist without even acknowledging the other’s existence. As Suits seemed to acknowledge Billions last season, we’ll see if it ever brings in the colorful characters from The Good Wife.

John J. Falco