Starz Officially Expands ‘The Assassin Universe’ with John Wick TV Series
Posted by John J. Falco on 12th January 2018

Remember the Hotel John Wick uses in the movies? Well, it’s getting it’s own spinoff and why not? The Hotel was probably one of the most interesting plots in the second movie.

Starz is promising that the TV show will not be a muddied down version of John Wick and perhaps, if done right the TV show could be even better than the John Wick movies themselves. Since a TV show can add more layers of mythology into the assassin underworld John Wick is a part of. Starz also said that yes, you should expect the same intense shootouts and fights in the movies as well. Oh yea, and Keanu Reeves.

The Continental, can also be a launch pad for yet another extended universe. A fan theory has been explored that the successful tough guy movies that have found their own footing in recent years are all part of the same universe. Namely, The Equalizer, The Accountant, and John Wick are all said to be apart of the same universe. Surprise newcomer Atomic Blonde may also be involved in this speculative universe.