October 31, 2020
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The second season of Startup arrives on streaming service Crackle on Thursday September 28, 2017. After almost a year since season 1 premiered the Miami based drama, the TV show’s second official trailer packs a new punch and on top of that SOA Ron Perlman pops up in Miami to play multimillionaire.

The second season of “StartUp,” picks up on the streets of Miami following the takeover of GenCoin, an unregulated global cryptocurrency. With their startup now in the hands of the Russian Mob, the trio of Entrepreneurs invest in a new endeavor to launch the next dark web and perhaps a new form of the internet itself.

On top of Silicon Valley and Halt & Catch Fire, Startup is the third such technology centric show on TV and it’s a shame technology shows (unless they are comedies) don’t get much attention. These are some of the best shows out there.

You can watch the trailer below:

John J. Falco