Stargate Fans Demand New ‘Real’ Stargate Series
Posted by John J. Falco on 9th March 2018

Should the #StargateRising fan movement be considered a backlash against Stargate: Origins? Or a demand to MGM Studios and Stargate Command from fans to create more quality content? It sounds like the latter, but either way, MGM should take note.

The $20 price tag for the Stargate Command has come under some criticism for being coy about what content would actually be on the service at launch. As I reported back in July, the service did indeed launch but fans felt jipped with the lackluster content. Which consisted of 10 episode ten minute short clips of a new “series” which totaled 100 minutes. That is shorter than most movies.

Although the fan backlash for Stargate: Origins did not rise to the same level as the Star Trek: Discovery backlash, of which I had some harsh words for in the beginning, the thirst for new Stargate is now stronger than ever thanks to the ongoing social media campaign to revive the show. With a studio itching for original Stargate stories now is the best time to step into a new Stargate. What did you think of Stargate Command or Stargate: Origins?