January 20, 2021
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Could Star Trek Discovery, the Prime series, as well as the JJ Abrams Kelvin Universe all combine into one extended multi-verse? One of the oldest franchises in the industry may finally be under one roof.

The merger would fix the often confusing rights issues associated with the Star Trek Franchise. The stuff of horror that Star Trek fanboys have been dealing with for decades. As Discovery does take place ten years before the Prime Series with Kirk, it’s easy to see how they could mesh the universes together with a feature length Avengers-like Team-up movie. As a bonus, all the origin stories have already been told!

There are a lot of moving parts to the deal, and the continuity of Star Trek itself. The best bet would be to do this sooner rather than later. Not many actors are still alive from the original Prime Universe, but TNG people are all still alive and well. Star Trek is no stranger to alternative timelines and there are great team-up Star Trek novels that deals with this sort of thing. As Discovery finds it’s footing for season 2, CBS could also be planning Discovery movies as well. Could the TNG characters find themselves beaming onto Discovery’s bridge? TNG’s Jonathan Frakes already directed an episodes himself. What about Zachary Quinto’s Spock guest starring on Discovery? When Pike recruited Chris Pine’s Kirk in the Kelvin Universe the bar in which Kirk was found, had a very Discovery-type vibe to it. Might Discovery run into the farm boy on a return mission to Earth?

CBS and Paramount could celebrate the merger with a giant marketing campaign. Like what Marvel did when they got back the rights to Spider-Man. The movie wasn’t called Spider-man Homecoming for nothing. The cast and crew of both Star Trek universes, could make it clear to the naysayers that this expansive Star Trek multi-verse is here to stay. Cameos, guest stars, and tie-ins could boost the Kelvin Universe, which is bleeding from it’s war wounds ever since Into Darkness, and the often over-hyped Discovery could enjoy even more teases for years to come.

Further a mesh of the two universes could pave way for a series of new TNG movies or a rebooted TNG TV Series. Either way, this merger as with the merger between Disney and Fox, seems to be a good thing that every Star Trek fanboy or girl should be prepared for and one they should actually want come to pass! Resistance is Futile.


John J. Falco